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Workers Rights Board Hearing - May 17, 2018

Right to Heal Campaign Workers Rights Board Hearing held May 17, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois. Speakers include: Barry Romo (VVAW, Right to Heal Campaign); Roberto Clack (Right to Heal Campaign); Sara Kuntzler (AFGE); Adelena Marshall (National Nurses United); Erica Sloane (About Face, Right to Heal Campaign); Reggie Wells (SEIU); and Aaron Hughes (About Face, Right to Heal Campaign).

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Right to Heal Coalition Press Conference - May 18, 2018

Right to Heal Coalition Press Conference. A coalition of veterans and VA workers call on Senators Durbin and Duckworth to oppose bill to privatize the VA. Held May 18, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois. Speakers include Aaron Hughes, Roberto Clack, Barry Romo, Frank Lagunas, and Susan Hurley.

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Unions and Veterans Fight VA Privatization

Labor Notes Conference on April 7, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois. Panel Speakers included: Ian Hoffman from AFGE (co-facilitator), Sara Kuntzler from AFGE (co-facilitator), Barry Romo from VVAW and the Right to Heal Campaign, Anne Lindgren from AFGE Local 789, Mark Dykes from SEIU, Adelena Marshall from National Nurses United, Marilyn Park from VA Council and AFGE, and Roberto Clack from the Right to Heal Campaign.

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