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Things You Aren't Supposed to Ask

By Horace Coleman

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The American public was told stopping communism in Southeast Asia by winning the war in Vietnam was crucial to our safety, health and happiness. How is America worse off because we lost that war?

How do we expect to win the "war on terrorism" when we can't drastically reduce the flow of drugs and illegal aliens into the country? Do we even have the desire, ability or will to appropriately do that?

Will any CEO pirate be convicted of any crime serious enough to get them serious time in a non-country-club prison?

Will Fidel Castro's inevitable loss of power and death satisfy Miami's Cuban community?

Can drilling for oil in Alaskan game preserves actually reduce the country's need and desire for cheap oil?

Could the Evildoers beat the Great Satans in a cage match or barroom fight?

Will getting rid of Saddam Hussein really "make the world safe for democracy"? Or just change the name of the individual or clique running Iraq?

Is our real foreign policy inflicting "free market" capitalism, "democracy" and Christianity (all controlled or influenced by us) on others whether they want, need, desire, are ready for, understand, actually practice or master them while some Americans make a profit out of the situation?

Is the greatest threat to democracy our inability to "feel safe" and our basic unwillingness to pay the true cost of being the boss? In other words, does any one here know how to play this game?

Where was Dubya all those months he was MIA in the 'Nam-era Air National Guard? On a secret mission to Hanoi?

Will Israel or Mexico become the 51st state?

What's the real meaning of September 11, 2001, religious fanatics, international and domestic terrorists and what is the best response to them?


Horace Coleman is a California-area VVAW contact.

<< 12. Is the Plantation (Corporation) the Model for America?14. Madame Binh Visits New York >>

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