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VVAW, Then and Now

By Al Donohue

On Sunday, November 19, 1967, The New York Times published an advertisement headlined, "Vietnam Veterans Speak Out." It called the war "wrong, unjustifiable and contrary to the principle of self-determination on which this nation was founded." About 64 Vietnam vets' names were included in the ad, which noted that it was only a partial accounting of signatories.

Today, we, as an organization, should add our voice to those calling for a complete review of the policies that equated all struggles for national self-determination with an attack on this country. VVAW should be calling for a nuclear-free zone in SE Asia, the withdrawal of our military from Korea and Okinawa, and for the peaceful discussions and negotiations between the Korean parties that would lead to a meaningful reduction of tension in the area.

Millions protesting the war on the Peoples of Indochina didn't prevent the US from going to war against Iraq, but a deeper look at US foreign policy since 1945 is needed, and at this time in our country's history, that examination might have a positive effect.

Al Donohue is a member of VVAW from 1971 until forever.

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