From Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

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Jesus In The Jungle (poem)

By C. F. Harrienger, Jr.

So far from the Buster Browns
and face of Faberge
steepled fingers lacy socks
and songs we learned to pray.

The disconnect was so complete
the shower shoes on little feet
shishkebabs of Viet meat
some nights still I tremble.

Charlie hit the ammo dump
1 pad, 4 clicks away
TET, my first night in country
it turned night into day.

Our civie undies turned to blue
like black light in the dark
outside the sand leapt in the air
and then concussions arc.
The billets bowed but somehow hold
as shrapnel fell like rain
thank God none had weapons yet
the fear had us insane.

Jesus Christ! Said 40 men
uttered, cried in vain
for when it's raining shrapnel
it keeps prayers short and plain.

I couldn't run for cover
outside it's raining death
if this is courage intro Lord
you win, I failed the test.

We didn't sleep the rest that night
I think it's fair to say
whatever God I brought to war
was now so far away.

— C. F. Harrienger, Jr.

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