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Beautiful Nicaragua

By Louis DeBenedette

Beautiful Nicaragua: I spent the latter part of July with Sandinista veteran Walter Paz and others in Managua.

On July 19, we joined maybe half a million people to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution.

On July 23, Walter and I went to Boaco, 60 miles north of Managua, to visit the widow of a very dear friend, Antonio Oporta Mejia, who died January 17, 2017.

Paralyzed by a contra round, Antonio belonged to the Organización de Revolucionarios Deshabilitados (ORD), which I met in 1988 on the Veterans Peace Convoy. I now have my own ORD membership card, something you cannot buy.

I had only met Antonio's widow Estela by phone before; she is still a militant Sandinista. I continue to help as I can, especially now that our President is promising voters in Florida that he will promote regime change in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Louie Debenedette is a Vietnam-era veteran and long-time member of VVAW.

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