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The Wall (poem)

By Dennis Serdel

Two psychotics, donald & rudy
are like children on christmas morning,
opening their presents, one by one
until they get to the last one.

They go back to the first one,
building a black wall with immigrants names
carved on it, from fleeing southern killer countries.

On the next present, bone-spur donald
pulls the troops out of syria and creates
another black wall with kurds names on it.

Then the next present, mentally ill donald
sends dizzy rudy to the ukraine to withhold
weapons and create another black wall
with ukrainian soldiers, carved on it.

Then bald headed donald puts tariffs on china
who won't buy usa farmer's soy beans
and wheat and there is another black wall,
with starved to death chinese names
carved on it.

Then insanely, rudy travels around
the world, trying to shore up countries
to back the usa, then there is another black wall,
with countries names, who hate america,
carved on it.

Then the insane asylum
that is known as the white house,
comes another present with shaky republicans
in congress, to come to trump tower
where donald steps on their throats
with pressure and in fear, they say yes man
or there will be another black wall.

—Dennis Serdel

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