From Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

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The "Obama Drama"

By Horace Coleman

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the policies or stances of VVAW.

The U.S. is going through its 13th nervous breakdown. The binge is over and the painful hangover is here. The credit cards are maxed out, the bank accounts are empty, we can't find our car keys and creditors are calling 24 / 7.

The above and the below are reasons why I didn't want Obama elected:

● A collapsing economy, two wars, rising unemployment, rampant illegal immigration, demands for "a path to citizenship" for illegal immigrants, an increasingly irrational and restive public, obstructing GOP and Blue Dog politicians, sky-rocketing health care costs, the usual citizen's desire to live above their means while expecting instance results and gratification without any effort or sacrifice on their part.

● Add the bursting of the housing / 401K / stock market bubbles, the usual business excesses, lobbyists' financial clout with politicians and legislation and special interests groups' efforts for U.S. intervention in the affairs of their favorite foreign country (regardless of whether or not that's in the best interests of the U.S.).

● Don't forget the desire to force our form of economics, government, religion, values and druthers on others.

But it takes a long time for some stars to line up and you have to act when they do. Presidents often get the blame—or the credit—for things they had nothing to do with or didn't control or affect. So, Obama seized the day before night seized him.

Too many citizens seem to think the powers that be are going to solve all their problems and a vote or a whine is the end of their civic duty, responsibility and participation. People know better but often act otherwise.

Neither Obama's presidency / assassination nor Sarah Palin's election (or any one else's) is going to solve all that quickly or effortlessly. The "failure" of the first minority / non-mainstream president will make it harder for the next non-traditional candidate to be elected.

This does not mean Obama is flawless or hasn't made mistakes. And, he's inherited a crappy and overloaded plate. The whole mess is his now. He can't—and shouldn't—be all things to all people. I seriously doubt that he or "his people" nominated him for the Nobel Peace Prize. They hadn't even chosen all his cabinet by the time Nobel nominations closed (11 days after he'd taken office).

The peace prize committee—all Swedish government office holders—wanted to poke a finger in Dubyas's eyes and show support and approval of the U.S. consulting with other nations instead of acting unilaterally.

Maybe Obama needs to remember Chicago / Illinois politics and adapt that to D.C.

Skin in the Skin

Without skin in the game, many are ready to blame
with lame lines: "Stop the drama! Shoot Obama!!"

The last black man awarded an unasked for prize was
the object of much distraction and fatal attraction.

Nothing could lure the "Average Patriot" into a tour,
being GI Joe or get them into a fighting hole.

King croaked his last breath supposedly asking,
said the ones smiling and basking, "for an early death."

"It's an Obamination! It's a rational fact.
He's acting grand and ruining the land!"

While a few at the top were uber greedy,
the rest's nests shrank and more got needy.

"When in trouble,
When in doubt,
Run in circles,
Scream and shout!"

They're no magic potions.
But, many mismatched notions.
And, reality needs to be patched.

It's easier to think it's all because of one man
than to find, build and work an action plan.

Does it take grit, time and sweat?
You bet!


What ever, who ever, you blame you empower. Maybe you shouldn't turn into what you're opposed to. Remember that ancient thing called "the common good? Where ever you go, you take you with you. And, you can't do much in a minute that's worth much.

Go on "another further" learning from the past, living in the now and planning for the future. To paraphrase Thomas Paine, these are the times that dent souls. What and when are you going to do things that's realistic and positive? The empire's in trouble and needs your help.

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