From Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

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Into Another Rich Man's War (VVAW Statement on Potential War with Iran)


Here we go again, folks. "Imminent threats" manufactured to justify assassination of a top Iranian general who was a "bad guy".

This, it is argued, was done to "stop a war". What? Political assassination used as a "peace" effort? We truly are in an Orwellian world.

Troops mobilized, 3,500 of them, to carry out this "peace" plan. President Bone Spurs threatens that he will engage in war crimes by launching 52 attacks against Iranian cultural sites.

Media outlets are now raising the spectre of the draft, since who will actually volunteer for this stupid imperial project? Will you, the reader, send your children or grandchildren? Do we think that Chump and his rich buddies will volunteer their offspring?

As always, any war will be fought by the poor and disadvantaged. We have been there too many times before. We Vietnam veterans lived it during our war and during the war at home.

We have fought for more than fifty years to end imperial and immoral and unjust wars. As long as the rich benefit from economic and political imperialism, the wars will keep happening.

Why did oil prices go up the day after Soleimani’s assassination? Why are the military-industrial operations gearing up to manufacture more weapons of war?

We call for all peace and social justice organizations, veterans’ groups, and ordinary citizens to reject this move toward another "forever war". In the streets, the halls of Congress, in your state legislatures, make your voices heard.


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