From Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

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Michael L. Reed (1947-2002)

By Rachel Garcia

Michael L. Reed, 54, beloved husband, father, brother, son and friend, died October 19, 2002 in his home in Fayetteville, Arkansas peacefully and with grace as God intended. Michael was born in Topeka, Kansas on Oct. 22, 1947 to Patricia and Charles Reed. They moved to San Diego when Mike was one year old and he grew up near his beloved ocean. He faced death as he did life: with strength, courage, humility, humor and grace. Through his example he taught so many how to treasure the gift of life and love, how to "Be Here Now."

Michael had many jobs during his time with us: silversmith, wheel man, tie-dyer, artist, cook, house painter, asphalt stripper and just whatever needed to be done. He also had many loves: surfing, skateboards, magic, puppets, St. Jude, dumpster-diving, flowers, fishing, reading, music, good food and anything south of the border; but above all these was his love for his family.

Michael was a magical person, part coyote and all prankster. Michael never said goodbye; he always said: May the long-time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.

He was a Vietnam veteran and a proud member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War. He liked to say he was born in Kansas, was raised in San Diego, and grew up in Vietnam.

Michael is survived by his wife, Rachel Garcia; his daughter Alanna Reed of Austin, Texas; his son Shane Reed who is in the Air Force in Little Rock; his brother Kevin Reed, sister-in-law Lisa and their daughters Heather and Theresa of Murrayville, Illinois; and many friends who loved him like family.

To all those who knew Mike, please take a moment this day to tell someone you love them, or to smell a beautiful flower, or to just fully appreciate the life you have been given. He will be missed and never forgotten, in our hearts forever. Vaya con Dios, Michael.

Rachel Garcia

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