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Letter to the Editor

By Richard Pinkerton

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I am an uncompensated disabled Desert Storm combat veteran. Let me address ALL of you Vietnam veterans when I say THANK YOU! Not only for your outstanding sacrifices in Vietnam, but for your ever-endearing dedication to the true America with your representation of the awful atrocities of war by trying to stop war itself and the Bush regime.

We all owe you so much, but mostly it is us, the younger veterans, that owe you and your fallen brethren our lives and future. For you have taught us how to stay alive in combat. You have taught us how to stay alive (harder than in combat) here at home with our families and our many, many disabling postwar problems. You have forged honorable paths through the crippled VA system.

And now, here, you represent the truth of what war really is and sacrifice yet again a part of yourselves to educate the sheep of America just how wars and the media are manipulated by the politicians who need war for their political gains. Thank you.

Yours in honor and respect,
Richard Pinkerton

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