From Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

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John Kerry: The Vietnam War and the Virus

By John Kerry

"Obviously it's a stark reminder that if you don't learn the lessons of history you are doomed to repeat them. It's a different kind of dying but it's coming from misinterpretation, from ignoring reality. It's coming from an unwillingness to respond to the truth and to the lessons that we have learned. The fact is that Coronavirus may be America's moment of truth in the sense that a lot of us were despairing that we were losing the capacity to decide in our country, in our democracy, what the baseline of truth is. And there has been a different kind of war taking place. It's a war on science. It's a war on scientists. It's a war on facts. It's a willingness to completely distort the truth in favor of an ideology, or a personal election pursuit, or whatever. And we're losing lives for that. It's not dissimilar to what Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson and others engaged in during that time of deception when America was lied to about the war in Vietnam."

—Former Secretary of State, Senator and Vietnam veteran John Kerry Morning Joe, April 22, 2020

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