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John T. "Buzz"Noyes

By John Lindquist

Buzz was born on International Women's Day, he was proud of that and always let people know, especially his girlfriends.

We were Marines together in Vietnam and very good friends. Both of us were in the 3rd Marine Division. We first met at Dong Ha in September 1968. Buzz was a proud East-Sider from N. Stowell and E. Belleview. The day we met I was returning from the mess hall to the hooch. I turned down his row of hooches and I saw him reading a copy of Kaleidoscope, Milwaukee's underground newspaper. I said "Hey man, you from Milwaukee?". He said "Yeah! what's it to ya!" "I'm from Milwaukee" I said, and from that day we were best friends.

In April 1971 we met up again at a VVAW benefit event at UWM, they were raising funds to send vets to Washington DC. We left the next day, 14 of us, to the VVAW demonstration, Dewey Canyon III. Buzz was very active in VVAW. He did speaking engagements, helped organize demonstrations and he was "Michael Maggot" in our Gorilla Theater group, The Badger Liberation Tribe. Our Chapter "Artist", Billy Curmano, put together a short play in which Michael Maggot enlists, survives Boot Camp and Vietnam, and comes home and joins VVAW. Buzz helped a lot and will be missed. His help with Plan 47 will also be missed.

He was a proud Marine, and applied this ethos at work, in his VVAW work and in how much he cared about others.

In Vietnam we both were in the same company, H&S Co. F.L.S.G-B Force Logistics Support Group - Bravo. He talked often of his sisters Ann and Emily. They sent him the Beatles' White Album and we took it with us on the convoy to Vandergriff combat base. He always shared his albums and care packages from home.

John T. Noyes was also a proud railroad man with thirty years service. He started as a switchman, then a conductor, and finally a train engineer. He also taught kindergarten but was glad to leave that and go back to the railroad. We were proud of Buzz and so was his family.

Buzz helped his friends and community. He joined in on VVAW work parties, clean ups and veteran's work. He was involved in the Agent Orange work along with other veterans groups including VVAW, which helped secure the great VA system that now exists.

Buzz helped plan our two peaceful occupations of VA offices in Milwaukee. He helped with the demos for decent benefits for all veterans, recognition of PTSD and testing, treatment and compensation for Agent Orange. We all remember the VA of the 60's, 70's and early 80's. Look at the VA hospitals and its systems compared to the old days. We now have decent benefits and they test, treat and compensate for 14 Agent Orange disabilities. Buzz, WE WON THE WAR! Thank you for your perseverance.

On our refrigerator here in England a USMC magnet holds a picture of Buzz. I salute the old Marine every day. You are sorely missed and so will be your good deeds.

Semper Fidelis, you will not be forgotten.

"At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember him." —Poem by Lawrence Binyon printed in the Times, London Sept. 21, 1914.

John Lindquist is a long-time VVAW member from Milwaukee, now living in England.

Buzz in Vietnam.

John Lindquist, Jack Klein, Sean Newton, and Buzz Noyes

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