From Vietnam Veterans Against the War,

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Letter to the Editor

By Nguyen Ngoc Long

Dear sirs,

I am a Vietnamese reader.

I read your VVAW from VNEXPRESS today. I respect what you have done for Vietnam.

First of all, I'd like to send you a very famous poem translated from a Vietnamese copy which was notched in Thach Han river bank, in Quang Tri province.

The poem reminds some memories on this day.

The Whispers on Thach Han Riverside

Up Thach Han - please gently row your boats
To hold my friends' breaths while sleeping in the river bed
Their twenties disperse into the waves yet
That console the river shores forever.

—Le Ba Duong
(Translated by Nguyen Ngoc Long)

Thank you for you time and wish you all the best.
Nguyen Ngoc Long
Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam

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