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Taken from The Vietnam Experience or Coloring on a Tabula Rasa by Scott LeGette Franklin:

If I was born a blank slate, it did not take long for the world to write the word WAR upon me. It was 1965 and the number of troops in Vietnam went from around 23,000 to over 180,000. That's 180,000 young Americans sent to a country that most had never heard of, to fight a war that was unwinnable. A war that was misguided at best, illegal and immoral at worst. Soon the death toll of Americans would rocket and the shock waves created would reverberate through every aspect of our lives. The names of the fallen were read each evening on the nightly news as families sat around the dinner table. Each name smudged on our collective psyche. Each wave of bombing would shake and tear at the fabric of our social order. The broadcast of real war footage into our living rooms shone a light on the horror of war previously unknown to those who had not been in battle themselves. This war, fought so far from our safe lifestyle here in America, would shape the world around me.... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. For Peace, Justice, and Veterans Rights by Bill Branson
  2. Delegation to Vietnam by Susan Schnall
  3. Why I Didn't Stand for the National Anthem by Barry Romo
  4. 20 Years of The Veteran by Jeff Machota
  5. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  6. "Thank You For Your Service" by John Ketwig
  7. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  8. VVAW Archive Update by Meg Miner
  9. Photos from the Archives by VVAW
  10. Five Simple Words by Erin H. Leach-Ogden
  11. Five Simple Words by Randen Pederson
  12. Please Help Restore the Mural at My Lai by Mike Hastie
  13. A Veteran's Apology to the People of Vietnam by Tim Martin
  14. Commemorating the War in Vietnam: The Long Tan Affair and New Studies of a "Lost Cause" by Jerry Lembcke
  15. The Mission (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  16. The Vietnam Experience or Coloring on a Tabula Rasa by Scott LeGette Franklin
  17. In Memoriam: Emily Ann Friedman (1947-2016) by Ellie Shunas
  18. The Pledge by C.F. Harrienger Jr.
  19. All Her Glory (poem) by C.F. Harrienger Jr.
  20. Follow-Up to A Warning by John Ketwig
  21. Making the VA Work by Raymond Reed Hardy
  22. The Mutant Series by Gregory Ross
  23. Main Thoroughfare (poem) by Dwight Jenkins
  24. Forming a Peace Media Group by Barry L. Reece
  25. Voting For Peace by Barry L. Reece
  26. I Never Heard the Mortar Call My Name by RG Cantalupo
  27. A Veteran's Lamentation by Susan Frey
  28. Why Black Lives Matter To Me by James Bentley
  29. VVAW Supports Housing in Vietnam (photos) by VVAW
  30. I Dream of Alternate Histories (poem) by W. D. Ehrhart
  31. I Want You... (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  32. Honor the Veteran, Not the War by Allen Meece
  33. The Final Leg by Dan New
  34. From the Archives by Marc Levy
  35. Comparing Medals (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  36. The Rag, the American War in Vietnam, and VVAW by Terry DuBose
  37. The American War in Vietnam by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  38. Kent State: Death and Dissent in the Long Sixties by Bruce Hyland (reviewer)
  39. Witness To Revolution by Dan Lavery (reviewer)
  40. American War in Vietnam by Al Donohue (reviewer)
  41. Vets Must Realize We Can Forgive and Be Forgiven by Michael Peterson
  42. Red Boots Rebel by Bob Marion (reviewer)
  43. Hurricane Street by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  44. War Is Beautiful by Ben Chitty (reviewer)
  45. VVAW Patch by Stanley Campbell
  46. Red Boots Rebel by RG Cantalupo (reviewer)
  47. Chilling Journey Into Torture at Abu Ghraib and A Man's Battle with Guilt by Daniel C. Lavery (reviewer)
  48. I'm Sorry by Willie Schatz
  49. Photos from the Archives Part 2 by VVAW
  50. Exiting the Extraordinary by Gerald R. Gioglio (reviewer)
  51. Oxy, the Wise Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  52. VVAW Member Ages Well by Joe Miller
  53. "But the War Ended 25 Years Ago": Vietnam Veterans Talk To A Civilian Nurse by Jehnana Balzer
  54. A Portrait of Exile: Mauricio Hernandez Mata by Charley Trujillo and Emmanuel Cervantes Mejia
  55. Her Hands V2 (poem) by David Sandgrund
  56. Portrait of a Young Boy At Dawn (poem) by Marc Levy
  57. Portrait of a Young Girl At Dawn (poem) by Marc Levy
  58. Good Morning Vietnam . . . by Michael Nelson
  59. Upside Down: The March on Washington April 24, 1971 by John Retallack
  60. Don't Be Fooled Again by Renee Chevalier
  61. Father Daniel Berrigan - Presente! by Louis De Benedette
  62. Vietnam Remembered (poem) by David Sandgrund
  63. RECOLLECTIONS: A Load of Stone by Steve Geiger
  64. The Less Than One Percent (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger