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Page 27
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A Short Remembrance of Nixon's Resignation

By Steve Krug

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The day we heard Nixon was going to make a speech we knew it was finally going to be over for him. The apartment building I lived in at the time had a mix of Vets and Objectors in it; we all got along just fine, thank you. As the building was situated a few doors down from a major traffic light, the evening rush hour always had cars backed up in front of our building. We put up a 30' banner that said "Good bye Tricky Dick," purchased a great deal of wine and paper cups, and started the party. As rush hour grew, most, if not all, of the drivers saw our sign, many, if not most, honked their horns and gave us the thumbs up. We ran out to them with a cup of wine and toasted each other. It was an all too brief, happy couple of hours. If only all the death and pain and sadness he caused had left with him.

Steve Krug is a member of VVAW.

<< 26. Nixon's Dream-Stomping Ego28. 4th of July Requiem (poem) >>