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Page 25
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<< 24. ...Like a Tennis Match26. A World Leader's Demise (poem) >>

5 Dead in Ol' Maryland (poem)

By Dennis Serdel

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Nixon's Coming and 4 dead

in Ohio

Sure stopped

the Burning of ROTC's

and Violent Protest

by the Hard Line Students

and Hippies.

His Impeachment

was caused by him

handing over

the White House Tapes.

Hitler is Alive and Well

in Donald Trump.

He has some Tapes

but Tweets and a Big Mouth

will work to Impeach this

Mad Mad Man Man

as he tries to Shut Down

the Freedom of the Press

and TV as He hams it Up

with North Korea

and keeps the Mexican

Children locked Up

in Wire Cages.

He has Fox News

in his back pocket

but even some of them

are backing away

like the "Fake News"

he calls much

of the "Press."

Russian made and

If He sounds like

"Yes and No" in his Crazy

Talking He thinks he

can weasel out

Of Anything

even his political

promises to get elected

like any cornered

Political Rat would do.

just Richard Nixon.

—Dennis Serdel

<< 24. ...Like a Tennis Match26. A World Leader's Demise (poem) >>