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Students Thank VVAW for Classroom Visit


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Barry Romo of VVAW and Arny Stieber of VFP visited Dave Stieber's Global Issues class at Kenwood Academy High School in March 2019. Below are reflections and thank yous from some of the students.

"Thank you for meeting with us on Tuesday both Barry and Arny. I would like to thank you both for your time in service and your willingness to stand up and protest after you have seen the wrong that the country has done to both you and other countries. You have both shown strong bravery for your actions something that most don't even dare to join. I thank y'all for also coming to our class in order to teach the youth where we see and hear about your experiences that we dread to be in the same situation."

"Thank you Barry and Arny for coming to our Global Issues class to talk to us about your war experience. Hearing what happened in the war from your experience, helps me better understand how the war went and how some of the soldiers were impacted by the war. After hearing both of you talk, the war wasn't easy and after it was over, it still continued in your mind. Thank you for taking time out of your day."

"Thank you for coming to our class today and sharing your story. I'm grateful that we were able to be a therapy to you. I'm sorry for the things you had to endure but I hope that you know it was only for the purpose of where you are today. I hope you find peace in yourselves at all points in life."

"I appreciate how you shared some shameful information to us even though you could have kept it to yourself. I've learned so much about the war and what the soldiers have to go through due to your visit, and we be able to connect and empathize more with my cousin who is in the war."

"Thank you to Barry and Arny for taking time out of your day yesterday to come in and talk to our class. It's nice that you both are survivors of the Vietnam War. I liked that you two were both opposite from each other. But you guys agreed about peace. Thanks for your service!"

"Thank you Barry and Arny for sharing your experiences and letting us get a first hand look at what war can do and how it can change people."

"Thank you for being brave enough to share your experience to inform the youth of the devastating things that occurred during the war. Thank you for standing up against the injustice that occurred and for joining the peace movement so that we can benefit from what you have learned."

"Thank you so much Barry and Arny for sharing your stories with us. I think it's extremely courageous to talk about those experiences even though it's really hard and has affected your life in more ways than one. I really enjoyed listening and appreciate it so much."

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