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Page 48
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Mesa Refuge Seeks Writers

By Elaine Elinson (reviewer)

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Are you or someone you know working on a writing project focusing on the environment, economic equity, or social justice?

Mesa Refuge, a writing residency in Point Reyes Station, California (about an hour north of San Francisco), welcomes a diverse group of writers—both emerging and established—who are defining and/or offering solutions to the pressing issues of our time. Our particular priority is to support writers working "at the edge" in the areas of nature, economic equity, and social justice. We welcome writers in all genres, including nonfiction, journalism, fiction, radio, film, and others.

We aim to support a diverse community of writers and welcome applicants representing a broad spectrum of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, immigration status, religion, or ability. We know that as veterans and activists, readers and writers of The Veteran have a unique perspective on war, the anti-war movement, peace, and the crucial issues of our time.

The residencies are two weeks long and are at no cost to the resident. There are three writers on the site at a time. The application deadline for a two-week residency in 2024 is December 1, 2023. We contact all applicants eight to ten weeks after the application deadline.

Our application is online on Submittable. You will be asked to submit a brief statement of your proposed project, including the reason why a residency at Mesa Refuge would be beneficial to your work at this stage, a resume, a writing sample (published or unpublished), and an application fee (or a request to waive the fee).

For more information and to apply, please go to the Mesa Refuge website: https://mesarefuge.org/residencies/application/

<< 47. The Rose Procession (poem)49. Waging A Good War: A Military History of the Civil Rights Movement >>