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Winter Soldier Service Awards


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In October 2023, the Vietnam Veterans Against the War board voted to give our Winter Soldier Service Awards to several members of VVAW.

These awards are meant to recognize important work done with and for VVAW over the years.

Jan Barry, Bill Shunas, Sukie and Jim Wachtendonk, Billy X. Curmano, and Chuck Theusch all received awards this time. Thanks much.

Presented to
Jan Barry
In recognition of your lifetime of work for peace, justice, and veterans through activism and poetry.

Presented to
Bill Shunas
In recognition of over 45 years of writing Fraggin' for The Veteran and sharing your wit and wisdom with us.

Presented to
Billy X. Curmano
In recognition for sharing your creation, Oxy the Smart Bomb's precisely-guided political barbs in The Veteran...20 years and counting!

Presented to
Chuck Theusch
In recognition of your efforts to aid the children of Vietnam by building libraries and learning centers that will positively impact future generations.

Presented to
Jim & Sukie Wachtendonk
In recognition of your tireless efforts to expose and fight for justice for all Veterans and their families impacted by Agent Orange.

Sukie and Jim Wachtendonk.

Billy X. Curmano.

Chuck Theusch.

Jan Barry.

Bill Shunas.

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