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Page 45
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Letter to the Editor

By Bill Potvin

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From my American Heritage dictionary, the definition of GENOCIDE is "the systemic, planned annihilation of a racial, political, or cultural group." After the straightforward, impassioned statements of many Israeli leaders, can any sane observer deny this as the goal? Could such goals indeed be interpreted as defending Israel?

As a Vietnam combat veteran, I now see our participation in Vietnam as illegal and wrong-headed. However ugly our acts, they fell far short of genocide. Now, my shame is that our leaders are not only allowing these despicable actions to occur to Gazan civilians, but we actually "foot the bill" for more bombs and equipment to continue the genocidal war crimes.

Cease fire now! Please join citizens in protesting this slaughter. Call your Representatives in Washington, and let them know that respect for us as Americans erodes every day that we continue to enable genocide, and you do not want to be a part of it!

Bill Potvin

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