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Download PDF of this issue: v50n2.pdf (24.8 MB)

Taken from After Kent State: Finding My Way to VVAW by Joe Miller:

In the two years after my discharge from the Navy and my return to the Chicago area with my wife and daughter, Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered; Robert F. Kennedy was murdered; Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murdered. And, the immoral war against the Indochinese people expanded. Now it was 1970's turn. May 4, 1970, 9:00am. I completed my overnight shift at the Chicago Daily News and drove over to Circle Campus for a full day of classes. I had one more quarter to go to finish my bachelor's degree in political science at the end of 1970. Though I had a full-time job and a family to support, I was taking a full load of classes each quarter. The GI Bill was not going to waste. Sometime after 11:00am that day the news hit campus about the National Guard shootings at Kent State. People coming out of classes were huddling together, discussing what apparently happened. There was an immediate need to express anger and dismay.... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Why We Struggle by Bill Branson
  2. Honor the Warrior, Not the War by Kim Scipes
  3. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  4. VVAW Library Update by Chuck Theusch
  5. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  6. John Kerry: The Vietnam War and the Virus by John Kerry
  7. Memorial Day 2020 (poem) by Jan Barry
  8. Fighting VA Privatization: A Personal Story by Andy Berman
  9. War and COVID-19 by Fred Samia
  10. How I Became an American War Hero (poem) by W.D. Ehrhart
  11. War and Sanctions: Trump's Escape Route for COVID-19 Failures by Mark Pilisuk
  12. The Decline and Fall of America? by John Ketwig
  13. A Vet on Russians Killing Our Troops by Bob Anderson
  14. The Papers Said It Was Just A Military Conflict by Allen Meece
  15. Troops Stand Down for Black Lives (posters) by About Face
  16. The Early Days of Our Paper by Edward Damato
  17. After Kent State: Finding My Way to VVAW by Joe Miller
  18. My Long Road to VVAW by John Edwards
  19. Recollections: Statue of Liberty Xmas 1971 by Jim Murphy
  20. 42 Years of Fraggin' with Bill Shunas by Bill Shunas
  21. "Lady, we are the troops": Vietnam Veterans and the Anti-war Movement at Kent State University by Thomas Grace
  22. Soup Can Blues (poem) by W.D. Ehrhart
  23. Standing On Our Children's Shoulders by Diane Ford
  24. In War, It Is The Innocent Who Suffer by Melissa Maddox
  25. Democracy—Not by William Johnston
  26. Fighting Racism in the USMC by Kim Scipes
  27. Mitt Romney Decides to Back Trump (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  28. Photos from the VVAW Archives by VVAW
  29. John T. "Buzz"Noyes by John Lindquist
  30. Memories of Dennis Kroll by Barry Romo
  31. LZ 24 (Campsite #24) (poem) by Dennis Kroll
  32. The War Toy Song (poem) by Dennis Kroll
  33. From the A Shau to Hanoi: It Will Be Different by Dennis Kroll
  34. Alton Foss (1946-2020) by Peter Mahoney
  35. Memories of Alton Foss by Jim Hale
  36. Notes from England by John Lindquist
  37. The Life of a Stringer in the Early Stages of the Vietnam War by Ed White (reviewer)
  38. what's going on: A History of the Vietnam Era by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  39. Dateline Saigon: 1961 to 1965 by John Crandell (reviewer)
  40. Seeking Quan Am: A Dual Memoir of War and Vietnam by Steve Krug (reviewer)
  41. Patriots, Body Counts, And Suckers by rg cantalupo
  42. The Eaves of Heaven, A Life in Three Wars by Alan Batten (reviewer)
  43. Anybody's Son Will Do by Steve Geiger (reviewer)
  44. Eternal War Requiem by Bill Dougherty (reviewer)
  45. Experiences in Teaching the Vietnam War by Ed White
  46. Tet 2019 (poem) by Larry Kerschner
  47. Oxy, the Wise Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  48. More photos from the VVAW Archives by VVAW
  49. The Roots of VVAW - Part 2 by Jan Barry and Sheldon Ramsdell as told to Richard Stacewicz
  50. Marc Levy: Chronicler of Combat and Postwar Chills by Jan Barry (reviewer)
  51. Full Circle: Operation Urgent Fury by Roger Byer
  52. Monsanto, Bayer and Two Wars by Nadya Williams
  53. On His Way to Wisconsin, Mr. Trump Stops for Some Supplies (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  54. May Day 1971 by Jack Mallory (reviewer)
  55. Invisible Wounds - Part 2 by Joseph Giannini
  56. Letter to the Editor by Nguyen Ngoc Long
  57. Allison (poem) by Nicole Walter
  58. My Foot Still Taps To That Throbbing Pain In My Soul by Dennis Kroll
  59. The Commander in Chief (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger