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Taken from The Day the Earth Stood Still poem by Cesar Ruvalcaba:

It came without a warning, one beautiful breezy sunny morning. It seemed a day like any other, no reason for anyone to bother. Children went to school and parents to their work, and right around the corner, no one knew what lurked. The horror came in quick, like a window smashed with a brick. It spread rapidly like a disease, causing all other activities to cease. Everything started moving in slow motion, while people tried to make sense of the commotion. The wind no longer blew, and birds no longer flew. Except for one white bird which I did see fly, it flew so slow I felt I could take it from the sky. An eerie silence made its way, announcing it was here to stay, While four demons, flying high in the air, sought to destroy the living and make the ground bare. A darkness fell upon the land, snatching helpless souls with its hand. Above the earth it came to hover, laying down a death blanket for all to cover.... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. VVAW Statement to the People of Vietnam by VVAW National Office
  2. The Struggle Continues in Fayetteville by Janet B. Curry
  3. From the National Office by John Zutz
  4. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  5. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  6. My View by John Zutz
  7. Thity Years Further Down the Pike by Horace Coleman
  8. NYC Vets' Statement by VVAW
  9. Creating a Pain in the Brass: Counter-Recruiting in Chicago by Ray Parrish
  10. Chalabi Oil Minister cartoon by Jeff Danziger
  11. Defending the Barricades: March 19 in Chicago by Barry Romo
  12. Lowering the Flag by Barry Romo
  13. Long Acronym, Short Memory by Bill Perry
  14. Pentagon-AbuGhraib cartoon by Jeff Danziger
  15. Fear and Loathing in America by Terry J. DuBose
  16. Jazz Funeral for Democracy by Ward Reilly
  17. End War, Don't Honor It by Lane Anderson
  18. Help Iraq Veterans Against the War by VVAW
  19. Second Annual Candlelight Vigil for the Dead by Ward Reilly
  20. Coaching Winter Track in Time of War poem by W.D. Ehrhart
  21. From Hawk to Dove by Paul Wisovaty (Reviewer)
  22. Objectivity in the Mirage: Al-Jazeera and the Struggle to Report a War by Edith Shillue (Reviewer)
  23. IVAW Holds First National Meetings at Fort Bragg by Ward Reilly
  24. Abu Ghraib Soldiers: Scapegoats for a Flawed Military by Lou Plummer
  25. Lynndie England cartoon by Jeff Danziger
  26. That War by Marc Levy
  27. Chicago VARO Blues by Ray Parrish
  28. Criminal Facilitation: Helping the Military Recruit Our Students by Ben Chitty
  29. Veterans Day 2004, Chicago by VVAW
  30. Terror and Preventive War are "American" Values by S. Brian Willson
  31. Historic Photos by VVAW
  32. Oxy the Smart Bomb by Billy X. Curmano
  33. The Day the Earth Stood Still poem by Cesar Ruvalcaba
  34. Soldiers in Our Midst by Douglas Nelson
  35. Five Lives Ruined by Dian Campbell
  36. Back Porch Blues by Bob Riggle (Reviewer)
  37. Dead Letter Day poem by Marc Levy
  38. Words From Pete poem by Paula J. Countryman
  39. Double-Time Duffy by Joseph Giannini
  40. Dead Wrong cartoon by Jeff Danziger