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Download PDF of this issue: v40n1.pdf (10.4 MB)

Taken from GI Press Preservation Project Launched by John Arnold:

In the Vietnam War era, anti-war members of the US military and their supporters found voice for their concerns in what eventually added up to hundreds of underground newspapers produced and circulated everywhere, inside the Pentagon itself, aboard ships at sea and on and around military bases around the world. With names such as Left Face, About Face, Harass the Brass, A Four-Year Bummer, The Fort Polk Puke, RITA, FTA, Marine Blues and Rough Draft they served as an organizing tool, a platform for discussion of issues the military chain of command should have cared about but didn't and a way of letting the rest of America know that opposition to the war was widespread in the armed forces. These newspapers, largely overlooked by historians, had great impact at the time and are now in danger of being lost altogether. They were generally printed on cheap paper that will crumble to dust before too many more years pass.... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Still Dying from Agent Orange by Barry Romo
  2. Stop the Deportation of US Veterans by Jan A. Ruhman
  3. From the National Office by Barry Romo
  4. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  5. "Days of Decision" and "I Refuse" Now Available as Kindle eBooks by VVAW
  6. Notes From the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  7. Never Give Up and Don't Back Down! by Steve Crandall
  8. The War Racket by Mike Burke
  9. California Regional Conference of Veterans and Military Families by Steve and Carolyn Crandall
  10. Teaching Vietnam with the Class of 2012 by Janet Curry
  11. Getting the Word Out by Mike Kerber
  12. Oxy, the Smart Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  13. Regards, Marc Speaks Out by Marc Levy
  14. Survivor's Guilt: A Life of Atonement? by Gregory Ross
  15. Jumping in with Both Feet by Ray Parrish
  16. PTSD and "Bad Discharges" by Ray Parrish
  17. A National Call To Action: A Campaign for Justice For Veterans by Jan A. Ruhman
  18. Answering Questions by Jim Willingham
  19. GI Press Preservation Project Launched by John Arnold
  20. War's Strange Wound (poem) by Tim Bagwell
  21. Mister President (poem) by Dayl Wise
  22. The Ghost of Genocide Past (poem) by Mike Hastie
  23. Still Life With Dead Hippie (poem) by Horace Coleman
  24. A Veteran's Manifesto (poem) by Paul Hellweg
  25. A Crescent Among Crosses at a Beach Memorial (poem) by Horace Coleman
  26. Los Angeles Agent Orange Demo by Horace Coleman
  27. Two, Many Vietnams? by W.D. Ehrhart
  28. What Are You Doing On Memorial Day? by Jane Bright
  29. Mr. President, Where Do We Go From Here? by Michael Cascanet
  30. Three Hots and a Cot: Living With the Horrors of Vietnam by Patrick McNulty
  31. Josh and Conor -- Home from War in Iraq by Nadya Wiliams
  32. Nightmares (poem) by August Steiner-Zehender
  33. Trash (poem) by Dennis Serdel
  34. Selling A Kidney (poem) by Tim Bagwell
  35. The Button by Bill Shunas
  36. More Americans Find They Can See China from Their Back Yards (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  37. A Member Remembers by John Mullen
  38. Poncho Rotation by Joseph Giannini
  39. When in Trouble, When in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout! by Horace Coleman
  40. A Journey to a GI and Veterans Bill of Rights by Aaron Hughes
  41. History of the US War in Vietnam by Barry Romo, Pete Zastrow & Joe Miller
  42. Milwaukee Chapter of VVAW Honors Rodmans with Veterans Service Award by VVAW
  43. Howard Zinn: Veteran, Teacher, Activist by Joseph Miller
  44. RECOLLECTIONS: Old Juarez During the War Years by Jeff Danziger
  45. Loose Lips Sink Ships (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger