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Download PDF of this issue: v42n1.pdf (23.6 MB)

Taken from Meeting Lamont B. Steptoe, Warrior Writer by Horace Coleman:

I met poet (Army scout, dog handler, 'Nam vet) Lamont Steptoe during a lay over in LA on the cross country trip he'd made from the East Coast. How many 'Nam vets do you know who'd dropped out of college so they could enlist? And, how many people selected for Officer Candidate School do you know who dropped out of it because they "didn't want to lead men to their death" even after being told quitting would guarantee a funky assignment? Steptoe got in country a few months after I'd left the "green war" as he calls it. The death of Martin Luther King greeted me less then than two months after I was back in "the world." That same event drove him to a place where he traded one circle of hell for another, lower and broader, level of anguish and death. He got a CIB, a Bronze Star, and eventually, a 100% PTSD rating. He walked point and was first in strange boony places where no round eye had been ever or recently. One of the dogs he worked with had two kills.... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. Homeless Veterans Initiative Serves Hundreds in Milwaukee by Bill Christofferson
  2. Making "Vietnam in HD" by Barry Romo with Dave Curry
  3. From The National Office by Bill Branson
  4. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  5. What We Know and When We Know It by Meg Miner
  6. Where We Stand by Brian Materrese
  7. Launch of IVAW's Operation Recovery, October 2010 (artwork) by VVAW
  8. Records Request Form by Ray Parrish
  9. Complex (poem) by Hans Buwalda
  10. Spreading the Wealth: Training Mental Health Providers Nationwide to Work with Veterans by Johanna (Hans) Buwalda
  11. Thoughts, Memories, Conditioning by Gregory Ross
  12. Friendly Fire (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  13. GI Coffeehouses: Serving Ourselves Since 1967 by Poppy Kohner & LT Taylor
  14. Vets Radio Show - and Organizing in Northwest Indiana by Kim Scipes
  15. Battle-Scarred (poem) by Lura Stephanie Gaiek
  16. Premeditated by Bryan Reinholdt
  17. Dear American Public by Charles Henderson
  18. Enemy Kitchen by Crystal Colon
  19. Fair Food by Maggie Martin
  20. Warrior Writers by Lovella Calica
  21. Eviscerated (poem) by Robynn Murray
  22. Veteran (poem) by James A. Moad II
  23. We Are Broken Bottles (poem) by Malachi Muncy
  24. Marv Davidov: My Friend, My Inspiration by Michael Orange
  25. Oxy, The Smart Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  26. Walgreens Tells Vets to Shop Elsewhere by Michael Cascanet
  27. Past Veterans Day (photos) by VVAW
  28. VVAW Supports the Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act of 2011: HR 2634 by Susan M. Schnall
  29. Second and Third Generation Children of Vietnam Veterans Stricken Gather by Marty Webster
  30. Meeting Lamont B. Steptoe, Warrior Writer by Horace Coleman
  31. Peacemaking Under Fire: A Vietnam War Memoir by Aaron Davis (reviewer)
  32. Peacemaking Under Fire - Another Look by Gerald R. Gioglio (reviewer)
  33. Everyday Courage by Gregory Kotonias
  34. Ambush on The Street Without Joy (poem) by Paul Hellweg
  35. Are Americans Their Own Worst Enemy? by Horace Coleman
  36. Memorial Day 2011, Killeen, TX (artwork) by VVAW
  37. Prolonged Exposure Therapy by Gregory Ross
  38. New Documentary on Vietnam Seeks Funders by VVAW
  39. Post Traumatic Stress Dis-washing by Cliff E. Adams
  40. US Pays for Afghan Slain (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  41. New Book Will Recount Operation POW by Elise Lemire
  42. The Pledge of Resistance Could Change the Game Against a War with Iran by Robert Naiman
  43. Overlooked / Looked Over by VVAW
  44. Victory Parade (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  45. Sketches by Paul Cameron
  46. Memories Lost (poem) by Andy K. Williams
  47. Blood on the Tracks by Ed Nizalowski
  48. AK-47 by Joseph Giannini
  49. Forty-Three Years and Counting (poem) by Paul Hellweg
  50. Stand To (poem) by Rick Harrienger
  51. The War At Home by Nick Medvecky
  52. Wounded (poem) by Paul Hellweg
  53. RECOLLECTION: A Berkeley Confrontation Over Vietnam by Daniel Crim Lavery
  54. Afghan Fighting Position (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger