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Some Photos from the 1970s

It all started in 1967, with six Vietnam veterans marching together in a peace demonstration. Now, fifty-four years later, VVAW is still going strong-- continuing its fight for peace, justice, and the rights of all veterans.

Explore these pages; see what we've done, what we do, and why we do it. The struggle continues, perhaps these days more than ever. VVAW has never stopped working to protect the welfare of those who served their country.

Will you join us?

march Latest Commentary: From the National Office 1971 was a year of great crisis in the US. 1971 was also a year of intense struggle, and growth, for VVAW. 2021 is the 50th anniversary of many of VVAW's iconic actions—national, regional, and local: the Playboy ad, the Winter Soldier Inv...

Taken from "We Have To Be Winter Soldiers" by Bill Branson Read More

View the 1971 50th Anniversary Pages and Guestbook

Excerpt From  THE VETERAN:  Now Online

Taken from Talismans by E. C. Streeter:

Not long ago I happened to be in a supermarket when I heard the song "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" played on the public address system. For a commercial establishment presumably intent on encouraging its customers to remain long enough to make at least a few impulse purchases, it would seem an odd musical choice, but I guess the nostalgia factor of its having been a hit in the 1960s tends to override such concerns. While I distinctly remember the version by the British band the Animals when it came out in 1965, it did not make that much of an impression on me. It was not until the year 1970 that I began to enjoy it in its more, shall I say, literal sense. At that time I was a medic serving with an infantry platoon in the northern part of Vietnam, and I would occasionally hear it played on the transistor radios that some of my fellow soldiers carried in their rucksacks.... Read More


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