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It all started in 1967, with six Vietnam veterans marching together in a peace demonstration. Now, fifty-two years later, VVAW is still going strong-- continuing its fight for peace, justice, and the rights of all veterans.

Explore these pages; see what we've done, what we do, and why we do it. The struggle continues, perhaps these days more than ever. VVAW has never stopped working to protect the welfare of those who served their country.

Will you join us?

VVAW Library in Vietnam Project: ,
April 20 - September 30, 2019
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Latest Commentary: New crises, new dangers, new possibilities. Since our last issue, it seems we have entered a new era, with ever-compounding crises in politics and environment. At the same time, there are new possibilities in politics and citizen activity with fresh new faces and voices in Washington a...

Taken from "From the National Office" by Joe Miller Read More

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Excerpt From  THE VETERAN:  Now Online

Taken from Do What You've Got To Do by Dave Cline as told to Richard Stacewicz:

Excerpt from Winter Soldiers: An Oral History of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War by Richard Stacewicz Pages 56-58 Dave Cline was drafted into the Army in January 1967 and was sent to Vietnam in July of that year. He remained there until December 1967, when he was wounded for the second time and was sent back to the United States. Dave Cline, Louie DeBenedette, and Bill Davis at VVAW's 25th Anniversary event in New York City, 1992. I was born in Buffalo, New York, grew up there, and then moved to the suburbs outside of Buffalo. I joined the Boy Scouts, church choir, all that stuff. My parents were just regular people, German and Irish background. They went to church - Lutheran church, Evangelical and Reformed. My father was a World War II veteran. After World War II, they encouraged a lot of people coming home to start their own businesses because they had a lot of these loans.... Read More


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