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THE VETERAN is the newspaper of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc. In 1971 and 1972 it was published as 1st Casualty. From 1973 to 1975, it was published as Winter Soldier. In 1975, it became THE VETERAN.

THE VETERAN was the first voice of Vietnam veterans in America, and has consistently addressed issues of peace and justice. Original articles on Post Traumatic Stress and Agent Orange have appeared since its first year of publication.

THE VETERAN still continues publication two times a year. Articles from recent issues are available below.

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From The Veteran Art Movement Joins Iraqi Artists in Calling on MOMA to Divest from Toxic Philanthropy by Kevin Basl:

In February, 45 veterans from the emerging Veteran Art Movement (eVAM) sent an open letter to Museum of Modern Art PS1 (MoMA PS1) calling on its board of trustees chairman, Leon Black, and board member Larry Fink, to divest from "toxic philanthropy." Black holds ties to defense contractor Constellis Holdings, formerly Blackwater, the US mercenary group responsible for the massacre of 17 Iraqi civilians in Nisour Square in 2007. Fink's corporation, BlackRock, is heavily invested in the two largest US private prison companies, GEO Group and Core Civic. The veterans' open letter was written as a gesture of solidarity with 37 artists featured in an exhibition at MoMA PS1, Theater of Operations: The Gulf Wars 1991 to 2011, who sent their own open letter to MoMA, in January. The 37 artists, many of whom are Iraqi, offered an important critique in the letter: [...]this war has been invisible and far from the attention and concerns of most Americans... Read More

In This Issue:

  1. We Must Continue the Fight for a Better World! by Bill Branson
  2. Update: The VVAW Thanh Binh School Library Project by Chuck Theusch
  3. Purple Heart: The Shrapnel Inside My Heart (poem) by r g cantalupo
  4. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  5. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  6. Public Misled on Afghanistan War by John Ketwig
  7. Revenge? You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet. (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  8. Wounds of War by Denny Riley (reviewer)
  9. I'm A Vet, But Not A Hero by Jack Mallory
  10. Coming Home Again by Dan New
  11. Our VA is Threatened by John Ketwig
  12. A VA Excursion During Lockdown by John Zutz
  13. VVAW Patches by Barry Romo
  14. The Waiting Devastation of Landmines by Paul Nichols
  15. The History of VVAW National Newspapers by Barry Romo
  16. Memories of Operation RAW by Joseph Bangert
  17. Life in the VVAW National Office by Pete Zastrow
  18. Snapshot: Saigon 1994 by Marc Levy
  19. The Medic At Dawn (poem) by Marc Levy
  20. The Veteran Art Movement Joins Iraqi Artists in Calling on MOMA to Divest from Toxic Philanthropy by Kevin Basl
  21. Wag the Dog (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  22. The Wall (poem) by Dennis Serdel
  23. Federal Veterans' Benefits Located At The Washington DC Mall - Winter 1971(poem) by Jim Murphy
  24. Almost Dust by Jim Wohlgemuth
  25. Parva Mundi by Marc Levy
  26. The Flight Home by Teri Saya
  27. Portrait of the Artist as Political Prisoner by Billy X. Curmano
  28. The Little Girl at My Door by Jack Mallory
  29. Photos from the Archives by VVAW
  30. Flowers are STILL Better Than Bullets by Laurel Krause
  31. Live Rounds by Donald McNamara
  32. Off to War (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  33. Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Coming by Bonnie J. Caracciolo
  34. Kent State Laments by Chuck Aswell
  35. I Will Never Forget by Philip J. Zamora
  36. Changing a Vote by Susan R. Dixon
  37. Who'll Stop the Rain by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  38. No Where Man by John Zutz (reviewer)
  39. The Mountain Song by Bonnie J. Caracciolo (reviewer)
  40. The Empty Shield by John Bromer (reviewer)
  41. Flashback by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  42. US Military: Incompetence, Hubris, and Denial by Ed White (reviewer)
  43. Obama's Unending Wars by Ed Hagerty (reviewer)
  44. Donny Dump Draft Dodger 1966 by Bill Johnston
  45. Oxy, the Wise Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  46. The Roots of VVAW - Part 1 by Jan Barry as told to Richard Stacewicz
  47. a military mythology (poem) by Larry Kerschner
  48. More Photos from the Archives by VVAW
  49. 2015: At Vietnam's 40th Anniversary of Independence Day Parade (poem) by r g cantalupo
  50. From Pennridge to Vietnam: What I Knew and Didn't Know by W. D. Ehrhart
  51. Young Man Goes To War by Allen Leonard Meece
  52. Lethal Betrayal: The Purple Heart We Never Got (poem) by Mike Hastie
  53. Kill Today, So Tomorrow Will Not Come (excerpt) by r g cantalupo
  54. Invisible Wounds - Part 1 by Joseph Giannini
  55. What Are the Odds? by Patrick Finnegan
  56. America First! (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger

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