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Letter to the Editor

By Edward Damato

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Dear Editor,

Several months ago I saw an article in this newspaper about VVAW raising funds for the library project in Vietnam so I made a donation. Today I looked to see how much of the $10,000 we had raised and it was only $3,096. That's very disappointing to me.

In 1987, I went on the first VVAW trip to Vietnam with Barry, Pete, Dennis, and Tom. One of the sites we visited was Bach Mai hospital, which was bombed in December 1972. A young doctor pleaded with us to help them get an MRI machine, which they greatly needed. Her plea has resonated with me all these years. We didn't have the means to grant her request, but I think we have it in our means to reach the goal of $10,000.

I urge everyone to make a donation for an important resource for a generation or two to have a library at their disposal. A library is as important as an MRI machine. Please make a donation today.

—Edward Damato

(To donate, go to:www.gofundme.com/f/vvaw-library-in-vietnam-project)

<< 3. Thanks to Ellie Shunas5. Notes from the Boonies >>

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