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Download PDF of this issue: v33n1.pdf (14 MB)

Taken from Violence Always Goes Too Far by Susan Ives:

Remarks by Gulf War vet Susan Ives Vietnam Memorial San Antonio, Texas April 5, 2003 I've been reading a series of detective novels set in modern day Botswana. The owner of the Ladies Number One Detective Agency has become a hero of mine. In the first book she said, "I love all the people whom God made, but I especially know how to love the people who live in this place." What a definition of patriotism! I love all the people God made but my own people — these Americans — are the ones I know how to love the best. And the Americans I have learned to love best are soldiers, because I was one of them for so many years. Many of you know I was an Army officer, a Gulf War veteran. The units assigned to this second Gulf War are my people. The 101st Airborne Division is in Iraq. I was in the 101st the whole time I was a lieutenant, on the General Staff as a plans officer and in the Division Artillery.... Read More

Also In This Issue:

  1. On the Oil-Slicked Road to Empire: Are We Really Safer Now? by Barry Romo, Dave Curry & Joe Miller
  2. From the National Office by Joe Miller
  3. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  4. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  5. My View by John Zutz
  6. Anti-War March in DC by John Zutz
  7. Chicago Demo report - 3/20/03 by Bill Branson
  8. Peace-Seekers Organize in Switzerland by Edessa Ramos
  9. War In Charge cartoon by Jeff Danziger
  10. Women Rally Against War by Brooke Anderson
  11. Oxy The Smart Bomb cartoon by Billy X. Curmano
  12. Violence Always Goes Too Far by Susan Ives
  13. Quit Making More Combat Veterans by Robert M. Bowman
  14. At the Front cartoon by Jeff Danziger
  15. Statement of Pvt. Wilfredo Torres by Wilfredo Torres
  16. Reporting War by David Doyle
  17. Spring Break: Operation Dire Distress by Bob Riggle
  18. Petition from Veterans Rejected at White House by Jan Barry
  19. Total Support by Ben Chitty
  20. I Support the Troops by Michael Hureaux
  21. Support Our Troops by Fred Samia
  22. Spitting on the Troops: Old Myth, New Rumors by Jerry Lembcke
  23. Chickenhawks, Draft Dodgers and War Resisters by Fritz Efaw
  24. The War Against Ourselves by An Interview with Major Doug Rokke
  25. The Big Picture on Veterans' Health Care by Bruce E. Parry
  26. Lynda Van Devanter (1947-2002) by VVAW
  27. Home Before Morning: For Lynda Van Devanter (1947-2002) by W.D. Ehrhart
  28. Michael L. Reed (1947-2002) by Rachel Garcia
  29. Letter from Vietnam by William Kelly
  30. Songs of Protest by Bill Homans
  31. An Open Letter From the Troops You Support by Todd Arena & Jonathan Hustad
  32. Letter to the Editor by Tony Georges III
  33. Letter to the Editor by Douglas Nelson
  34. Letter to the Editor by Richard Pinkerton
  35. Frequently Asked Questions by Paul Wisovaty
  36. Captain Powell cartoon by Jeff Danziger