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Download PDF of this issue: v32n2.pdf (11.5 MB)

Also In This Issue:

  1. No War with Iraq No Blood for Oil or Ego by Barry Romo, Dave Curry & Joe Miller
  2. VVAW Catalyzes Teach-In by Janet Curry
  3. From the National Office by Barry Romo and Joe Miller
  4. Notes from the Boonies by Paul Wisovaty
  5. 2002 Homeless StandDown by Bill Branson
  6. "Another Brother" on Rikers Island by Elena Schwolsky-Fitch
  7. Ground Zero 9/11/02 by Jim Willingham
  8. A Cowboy President by Marco Palacios
  9. VVAW Memorial Day Event, Chicago, 2002 by (Photographers)
  10. VVAW 35th Anniversary by Dave Kettenhofen
  11. Gimme an "F" by Stephen Sinsley
  12. Is the Plantation (Corporation) the Model for America? by Horace Coleman
  13. Things You Aren't Supposed to Ask by Horace Coleman
  14. Madame Binh Visits New York by David Cline
  15. Taking the Hard Way Out by Paul Wisovaty (Reviewer)
  16. Welcome to Milwaukee: 35th Anniversary Opening Remarks by John Zutz
  17. John Kniffin (1940-2002) by Veteran Staff
  18. A Comrade, Friend and Brother by Tom Wetzler
  19. Dr. Le Cao Dai, Agent Orange Researcher, Activist by Veteran Staff
  20. Ralph C. ("Bud") Schremp (1945-2002) by Annie Hirschman
  21. Colleen Novosielski by David Cline
  22. Unveiling the Unknown War by John Kim (Reviewer)
  23. The Long Road Home by Matt Davison
  24. CONCERNING JOE MCCARTHY (1951) by Sandra J. Fulton
  25. Listen Up! by Lisa Boucher (Reviewer)
  26. Letter to the Editor by Jim Murphy
  27. The Village by John Mitchell

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