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Taken from Excavations Update: LZ Ranch / Patrol Base Frontier City by Marc Levy:

As noted previously, former Cobra pilot and civilian medical evac pilot Richard Magner and former Delta 1/12 Cav grunt Bob March are collaborating with their colleagues in Vietnam to locate American-dug NVA mass graves. In Vietnamese culture, the spirit will not rest until the body is properly buried. Here is Richard's December 2023 update: The initial excavation work on LZ Ranch—one summer night in Cambodia, while Delta 1/7 Cav had perimeter guard, Ranch was overrun—continues. Based on aerial and terrain map analysis and interviews with American vets (Richard Magner spoke with Medic, Delta 1/7 Cav Mike Derrig, and Bravo 1/7 Cav Robert Kon. Bob March interviewed 1st/21st FA Martin Corcoran and Delta 1/7 Cav Carl Lee), Nguyen Xuan Thang in Vietnam assembled aerial overlays of LZ Ranch that suggest at least two mass grave sites on LZ Ranch. The first, formed by a bulldozer in the northwest sector, may hold 12 to 15 remains.... Read More

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  1. On the Necessity of Struggle by Bill Branson
  2. New VVAW Library and Learning Center Update by Khoi Tran
  3. VVAW Readers' Garden Inspires More Local Investment by VVAW
  4. Four Dead in Ohio by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  5. Fraggin' by Bill Shunas
  6. Back to the World by John Lindquist
  7. Passing Through A Gate by W. D. Ehrhart (reviewer)
  8. Eating Oysters in Easton (poem) by W. D. Ehrhart
  9. On Being A Nonagenarian (poem) by Woody Powell
  10. VVAW Libraries Visit by Ken Embers
  11. Winter Soldier Service Awards by VVAW
  12. A Half-Century of 1973's War Powers Resolution by Al Wellman
  13. Letter to Aaron Bushnell (1998-2024) (poem) by Kevin Basl
  14. Bird (poem) by John Crandell
  15. 1964: From "Spookville" to the Tonkin Gulf by Joe Miller
  16. How I Joined VVAW by rg cantalupo
  17. Nam by rg cantalupo (reviewer)
  18. The Brotherhood of the Sea by George Critch
  19. The Brothers by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  20. Arab-Israeli Unity by Ed Nizalowski
  21. Save-A-Life Lite-A-Bike in Vietnam by David Clark
  22. Rain, Rain, Rain (poem) by Paul Cameron
  23. Photos from the VVAW Archives by VVAW
  24. The Women by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  25. An Honorable Exit by DeWitt Clinton (reviewer)
  26. Genocidal Conscription by Gerald R. Gioglio (reviewer)
  27. After the Apocalypse by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  28. Vietnam - Iraq - Afghanistan by John W. Conroy
  29. Excavations Update: LZ Ranch / Patrol Base Frontier City by Marc Levy
  30. Letter to the Editor by Larry Rottmann
  31. JFK's War With the National Security Establishment by John Ketwig (reviewer)
  32. Charlie 1/5 Cav by Al Wellman (reviewer)
  33. Merle Ratner - ¡Presente! by Nadya Williams
  34. The Fifth Special Forces by Al Wellman (reviewer)
  35. Blood Brothers by Roger Quindel
  36. Oxy, The Smart Bomb (cartoon) by Billy X. Curmano
  37. Ben Chitty - ¡Presente! by Priscilla Murolo
  38. Memories of Ben Chitty by VVAW
  39. Arthur "Ben" Chitty, 1947-2024
  40. Back Home Connections (poem) by John Crandell
  41. Bitter Smoke of Auschwitz Drifts Over Gaza Tonight (poem) by Larry Kerschner
  42. Peace with Honor by Ben Chitty
  43. Lyndon: In a Winter of Our Discontent by John Crandell
  44. Letter to the Editor by N. W. Barcus
  45. Letter to the Editor by Bill Potvin
  46. Speaker Johnson in a Game of Chance (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger
  47. Survivors Guilt by Tony Cokely
  48. A Hundred Plus Killed waiting for Food in Gaza (cartoon) by Jeff Danziger