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VVAW Statement on the Ukraine

By Vietnam Veterans Against the War

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February 15, 2022

In our 55 years as an organization, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) has witnessed way too many preludes to war. We know first hand the consequences and devastation of imperial wars.

As we write this, the Biden administration has returned to out-dated Cold War protocols. We are disheartened by this. We had hoped the botched pull out from Afghanistan was a lesson learned. But now the pattern of arrogance and aggression continues.

VVAW calls out Russian aggression as well as NATO militarism. The world and the US need to move beyond the saber-rattling and towards alternative methods of internationalist support and conflict resolution.

Just as VVAW supported the self-determination of the Vietnamese people, we support the rights of the Ukrainian people to determine their own destiny, free of outside influences and threats.

The escalating situation is a sad, shabby attempt at rekindling the burnt-out embers of 20th Century nationalism. The desperate strongman of an exhausted superpower versus a declining, nostalgic president, desperate for a remembered enemy.

Ukrainians, Russians, citizens, soldiers - all will pay the price of their leaders’ war-mongering. Working people are paying the price already, watching, fearing the moribund dance of the decaying giants. No one is really in control. No one will be held responsible. The one inescapable truth is that the poor and working people will pay, first in dollars, and perhaps soon, in blood.

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