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Vietnam Veterans Against The War Endorses HR 508:Bring the Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2007

By VVAW National Office

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For Immediate Release: Feb. 9, 2007

For More Information contact:
Bill Perry, 215-945-3350, 215-589-9413
John Zutz, 414-372-0749

Chicago – The White House is proceeding with plans to escalate the conflict in Iraq while threatening Iran and other countries in the region with "harsh" measures. Vietnam Veterans Against the War strongly opposes these actions and announces endorsement of a measure before Congress to bring the illegal war to an end. HR 508, the "Bring the Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty Restoration Act" uses the Congressional "power of the purse" to bring an end to US military involvement in Iraq, provides for funding of the prompt withdrawal of US forces, and for measures to continue aiding the government of Iraq and begin repairing the US image and reputation in that region and around the world. The measure is sponsored by Rep. Lynn Woolsey and co-sponsored by 29 members of the US House

Bill Perry, a VVAW National Coordinator declared, "As veterans of the war in Vietnam, we know all too well the disastrous consequences of escalation of military intervention in a civil war; the condition that even senior US military officials admit now wracks Iraq. Since the earliest days of this illegal war, VVAW has called for withdrawal of US troops and proper funding of measures to care for the veterans when they return home. We believe Rep. Woolsey's legislation provides the means to accomplish the first of those objectives."

In addition to compelling an orderly withdrawal of US forces, HR 508 provides for the repeal of public law 107-243. Perry continued, "That law has been used as a legal fig leaf for the White House as it invoked countless extraordinary measures, including domestic spying and torture of so-called "enemy combatants." It is now using that law as a platform for escalation of the conflict. Repeal of this law, which many legislators now admit was a terrible mistake, provides the opportunity to begin returning the country to rule of law and reasserts the separation of powers established by the Constitution."

Rep. Woolsey's legislation takes important steps that allow Iraq to achieve the sovereignty to which the White House has paid so much lip service yet done so much to undermine. Finally, it would initiate full investigations into all factors that came to lead our country down such a terrible road.

"The process of healing, for the veterans of this war, the people of Iraq, and the rule of law under the US Constitution will not be short or easy. This legislation is the critical first step. We call on all members of the US House to join as co-sponsors of the legislation and for it to be enacted by the US Senate by such an overwhelming majority as to make veto impossible," said VVAW Coordinator John Zutz.

Attached is the full text of VVAW's Resolution in support of HR 508.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War has more than 1,500 members throughout the country and includes veterans from World War II and on. It currently organizes for better benefits for all vets, provides counseling for veterans and current active duty G.Is and has become one of the most outspoken and respected peace organizations in the country. The first group to organize Vietnam veterans in 1967, it was founded to voice returning service-men's and women's growing opposition to the Vietnam war and grew to include more than 30,000 members. The group started the first rap groups to deal with the war's traumatic aftereffects on GIs, helped make known negative health effects of exposure to chemical defoliants and exposed Veteran's Administration attempts to cover up Agent-Orange-induced illnesses.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Resolution in support of HR 508:
Bring the Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2007

Whereas; The power of the purse is the most effective Congressional means for having impact on foreign and military policy and,

Whereas; An over whelming majority of the US population stands in opposition to continuation of US military operations in Iraq and,

Whereas; Experts of a wide range of political persuasion, including the Iraq Study Group, recognize the need for international, regionally led measures to help the Iraq government restore order and security and;

Whereas; It is clear that regaining any of the good will and trust in the Middle East requires that the US demonstrate by its actions that it has no intentions of a permanent military presence in Iraq and;

Whereas; The persistent belief that the invasion of Iraq was in large part conducted to secure access to Iraqi oil reserves for US and European petroleum industry firms and,

Whereas; HR 508 (HB 504) addresses each of these matters directly and unequivocally,

Be it Therefore Resolved that Vietnam Veterans Against the War calls on all members of the US House of Representatives to join as co-sponsors of HR 508/HB 504 and,

Be It further Resolved that Vietnam Veterans Against the War calls on all members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to introduce and co-sponsor a duplicate measure in the US Senate and,

Be It Further Resolved that Vietnam Veterans Against the War calls on the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and President Pro Tempore of the Us Senate to schedule floor action on these bills in the most expeditious manner available under the rules of each chamber.

Passed, Feb 5, 2007 by the National Steering Committee of Vietnam Veterans Against the War

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