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Retraction of Article in the Veteran, Volume 38, Number 1, Spring 2008

By VVAW National Office

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VVAW NATIONAL OFFICE RETRACTS the article which appeared in the "Volume 38 Number 1" issue of the Veteran entitled "Warning: Scott Camil Is Not a VVAW Member". That article attacked Scott Camil and accused him, among other things, of malfeasance. In addition, the article used derogatory language to describe Mr. Camil.

This article was published without approval of the full National Office of VVAW. Publishing such an article, containing unfounded allegations of 40 year old acts of malfeasance on Mr. Camil's part was not appropriate or helpful to the anti-war struggle we are engaged in. The National Office made a mistake of oversight by not keeping sufficient track of the publishing process. The byline for the article was omitted which may have allowed readers to assume that the article was a statement of policy of VVAW. It was not a statement of policy.

During our investigation of the publishing of this article, we interviewed its author and requested the production of evidence to support the claims in the article against Mr. Camil. The author, Barry Romo, did not furnish evidence to back up the charges. Therefore the National Office of VVAW has concluded that the accusations against Scott Camil in the article were and are unfounded and baseless.

We hereby and fully retract the article and disavow its statements concerning allegations against Mr. Camil. We apologize to Mr. Camil for any embarrassment or inconvenience this article has caused him. We also apologize to our members, and to the Anti-War movement. We wish to move forward and continue working with the organizations and individuals involved in WSI II and other actions to end this unjust war and achieve decent benefits for all veterans.

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