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As veterans who have experienced an illegal and immoral war, there is little doubt among members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War that the war in Iraq is illegal and immoral. Orders to prosecute that war are therefore illegal and immoral.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice requires all members of the military to refuse illegal orders.

Nevertheless, VVAW is fairly sure that our brothers and sisters who refuse those orders will be convicted and will face extensive, strict punishment.

As former members of the military, we understand the courage it takes to face "military justice" after defying orders. We also understand that these cases may carry more-than-average risk, since they have high profiles and political ramifications.

VVAW respects the courage of the many service members who have refused deployment and thanks those who have exposed the atrocities of this war. We hope their sacrifices will illuminate the true character of the war and help to bring a swift end to this shameful chapter of our history.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War salutes all those in uniform who decide to stand by their principles and follow their consciences. We appreciate their gallant actions.

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